Mountain Grassland Journal - A film by Ken Furrow

Mountain Grassland Journal is an educational film about grasslands in the Rocky Mountains by Ken Furrow of Missoula, Montana. The film examines the native biodiversity (including bees) and community it supports, as well as local history.

It raises important questions about future sustainability, and how to manage food production in the region in a manner that benefits people, wildlife and the native environment.

It's great that there are people like this, committed to raising awareness of such issues!

Mountain Grassland Journal

By Ken Furrow:

The mountain valleys and foothills within the Rocky Mountains are rich in culture and biodiversity but face rapid change as human populations grow and the climate changes.

One of the elements I am investigating within these grasslands, is the role of wild native bees. I want to explore and document the role these beautiful creatures have in pollination of native plants and agricultural crops.

Concerns over population declines in native bees will be also discussed. I plan on spending enormous amounts of time in the grasslands as this winter ends, filming as many species of bees as possible.

I have an active campaign with trailers, sample updates and a longer project description. These samples have native pollinators in them.

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