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Swarms will sometimes move on of their own accord, but a nest is more permanent, and can grow significantly in size when located in buildings. A specialist beekeeper experienced and equipped to perform the task is your best contact. Don't attempt removal operations yourself.

If you have honey bees at your property (either a swarm, or perhaps within the structure of a building such as a wall or chimney), and need to have them removed, please select a practitioner who will relocate and rehome the bees safely and humanely, rather than kill them.

Below is a list of companies and individuals I believe to be genuine in their intention to relocate bees (the list is in development)

If you cannot find anyone in your area among the contacts below, please see my link at the bottom of this page to a list of beekeeping associations.  A local association may have suitable contacts who may be able to assist you - do ask them whether they know the contact personally.

If you are a beekeeper who removes and relocates bees in the USA or Canada, please contact me to be added to my list, free of charge. Thank you.

Bee Removal And Relocation

Beekeeper collecting a swarm on a tree branch

California (Northern): Jones Family Honey
Areas covered: Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Solano County, Stanislaus County, Nearby Cities. 
Jones Family Honey provide residential and business customers throughout Northern California with professional, ethical, humane, and affordable live feral honeybee removal services. They state they will use safe and nontoxic methods to rescue colonies.  Bees are relocated to registered apiaries.
For further information: tel: 510-882-3612

Florida area: Eco Bee Removal
Steve Behncke and his team remove and rescue bees.
Region covered: Florida, from Jacksonville to Miami, coast to coast.
For further information: tel:(888)282-1886

Las Vegas: Vegas Bees
Betsy Lewis and Pete Rizzo are passionate about bees, and run a Save the Bees bee removal and rescue company in Las Vegas, NV.  Bees are relocated to Joshua Tree Preserve & Wildlife Habitat in the high desert of Arizona.
For further information: tel:7024723869

Los Angeles: Sweet Bee Removal
Beekeeper Tyson Kaiser performs swarm capture and cut out removals. Bees are relocated.
For further information: tel: (323) 892-4170

Palm Beach
Contacts of beekeepers who offer a honey bee removal and relocation service are available on the website of the Palm Beach Beekeepers Association.
For further information:

Salem, Massachusetts: Beverly Bees
Anita Deeley and is the owner and beekeeper of Beverly Bees, a sustainable, organic beekeeping and bee removal company.
For further information: tel: 978-778-8276

Texas: Texas Bee Works
Based in Austin.  Founder, Erika Thompson, removes and relocate bees for free to a 5-acre bee sanctuary on the Colorado River.
For further information: INFO@TEXASBEEWORKS.COM

Further information:
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