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Small Blue Marble

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We are ‘small blue marble’ ( a new environmental research charity formed by a small group of UK beekeepers committed to supporting the environment and the long term pesticide research work of Dr Henk Tennekes, a Dutch toxicologist.

In November 2010 Dr Tennekes published a book (available in English and German) “The Systemic Insecticides – A Disaster in the Making” . He wrote this book following his discovery (published in the journal, Toxicology) that the risks of neonicotinoid insecticides had been seriously underestimated and to warn the general public about an impending environmental catastrophe inflicted by the widespread use of these chemicals.

Dan Rather’s recent report ‘BEE AWARE’ on US station HDNet about neonicotinoids illustrates the risk these pesticides pose to pollinators but also underpins the urgent need for an independent pesticide research unit which is currently non-existent.

It is now clear that pesticide risk assessment may require entirely new approaches. Traditional approaches ignore the underlying mechanism of toxicity and this deficiency may lead to serious underestimates of actual risk of many pesticides.

small blue marble is dedicated to

  • Conducting unbiased pesticide research
  • Publishing the results among the scientific community
  • Sharing this information with the public in an accessible manner
  • Enabling the public and other stakeholders to express informed and on-going views about the impact of pesticides on our planet
  • Equipping today’s children to be better guardians (than we have been) of tomorrow’s world.

Receive A Copy Of Dr Tennekes’ Excellent Book Free With Donations!
We need your help! Please visit our “donate” page of our website, and use either the “donate” button or our direct bank transfer details. The money we raise will continue to be the springboard of Dr Tennekes’ research grant. For every donation of £10 or more, the donor will receive an e-version of Dr Tennekes’ stylish and very readable book “The Systemic Insecticides – A Disaster in the Making.”

We have received the first amazingly generous donation of £5,000 towards Dr Tennekes’ work. This also makes small blue marble eligible to register with the Charities Commission, which we are in the process of doing. If you would like to support or endorse small blue marble can we please mention it on our website and can we exchange links with your website?

Thank you
Bernie, Kate & Ian

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