- A youth enterprise supplying solitary bee houses to help the bees!

I was contacted by a group of young people who have set up a bee-themed enterprise, supplying solitary bee houses and more! Everyone can find ways to help bees!  Here is what they had to say...

"We are a branch of Young Enterprise operating in Oxfordshire, Abingdon at the school of St Helen & St Katharine. We hope to bring people's attention to the plight of our bee population, by marketing products designed to protect the bees and to supply you with a new addition to your garden/home. The solitary bee is important, as the Honey Bee is suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, where worker bees from a beehive or European honeybee colony abruptly disappear. The solitary bee is needed as a pollinator more than ever.

bee house made by the Buzzin group

Without the solitary bee, we would have no flowers, fruit or vegetables, and a quarter of the tomatoes, flowers or some animals! To save the bee, we are selling eco-friendly products such as wooden bee houses, beeswax candles and bee booklets that contain vital information, pictures and recipes (like honeycomb and honey smoothies!).

Our website can be accessed here:"

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