Bee Protection Group

There is interesting comment from the Corporate Europe Observatory and the European Beekeeping Coordination about the outcomes of the 2008 ICPBR Bee Protection Group Symposium. 

It can be found in a report from November 2010: “Is The Future Of Bees In the Hands Of The Pesticide Lobby?”. (Clicking the link opens a new window)

In it, they are very critical of the outcomes of the “Bee Protection Group”, stating that the proposals they make are clearly instigated by commercial interests.  They state:

"This working group included representatives of BASF, Bayer Crop Science, and Eurofins GAB; as well as representatives from the British and French food safety agencies FERA and ANSES, and the Julius Kühn Institute from Germany.”

To read the background page about the Bee Protection Group Of The ICPBR.

In attendance at the symposium, and working actively with pesticide company employees to produce recommendations were Helen Thompson and Selwyn Jenkins of FERA – the UK Public Servants.


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