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Buying High Street Supermarket Honeys - What Are You Buying?
The scandal of contaminated honey on supermarket shelves.

Toxic Honey

Did you know, it is actually possible for bees to produce honey that is toxic or bitter tasting for humans?

Buying Honey
Should we care about bee welfare, or about supporting environmentally positive practices in honey production?  A guide to ethical buying of honey - a few considerations.

Substitutes for Honey
What alternatives are there to honey in cooking?

Crystallized Honey
What can you do about honey that has become crystallized, and why does this happen?

Beauty Benefits
Are there any beauty benefits of honey, or it is merely hype?

Organic Honey
The complications involved in buying organic honey - it's not that simple!

Honey vs Sugar
Is there a meaningful nutritional difference between honey and sugar, where human diets are concerened?

Do Bumblebees Make Honey?
There is often an assumption that all bees make honey.  Indeed, sometimes bumblebees are mistaken for honey bees.  But do bumblebees make honey?

Other Honey Related Topics

The Honey And Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Take a look at the science, and the recipe!

Worried about the taste?
Read further

Honey For Hair Masks

Read the recipes

Honey for hair masks.

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  • Why Babies Can't Have Honey: Honey And Infant Botulism

    Why babies under 12 months old can't have honey (even if cooked). How and why honey can cause infant botulism. When is it okay to give a child honey?

  • Honey And Eczema

    Honey and eczema: Is there any clinical evidence to support the use of honey for treating eczema (atopic dermatitis)? A summary of a number of clinical papers.

  • Honey And Allergies

    Honey And Allergies: Is there a role for honey in treating allergies? Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to honey? A look at the evidence.

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