Brilliant Bees Puzzle Book

A puzzle book provides children with a fun way to learn.  This puzzle book features honey bees, bumble bees, mason bees, leafcutter bees, yellow-face bees and wool carder bees among others.

Who is it for?

This bee-themed puzzle book for kids age 7 – 12 yrs with a range of puzzles at various levels of difficulty. 

Some puzzles have a very much an educational slant, whilst others are purely for fun.

Adults may also learn something, however!

It's in 'large' format, and in full color/colour. The puzzle book measures 8.5 inches x 11 inches (21.59 x 27.94 centimetres).

What's inside this puzzle book?

Amazon has a 'Look Inside' feature for this puzzle book.

It's in full cover, with 109 puzzles and additionally a couple of pages to color/colour.

All kinds of puzzles are included, such as: spot the difference, word search, mazes, odd-one-out, logic, 'find' puzzles, crossword, Kriss Kross, and more. 

There are also 3 pages to color/colour - one of which is also a 'find' puzzle, and the other 2 are in addition to the 109 puzzles mentioned.

What will children learn from this puzzle book?

They will discover:

  • What is the life cycle of the bee? 
  • What is the difference between a bee and a fly?
  • What is nectar robbing? 
  • What are yellow-face bees?
  • Where do bumble bees build their nests? 
  • What’s inside a mason bee hotel? 
  • How do honey bees make honey?
  • What makes a honey bee worker such a busy bee? 
  • What is a honeyguide?
  • Why do wool carder bees collect hairs from plants? 
  • What are some of the flowers visited by bees?
  • How does pollination happen? 
  • What are some of the foods pollinated by bees? 
  • And more!

How many types of bees will children learn about?

The bees in this book include both commonly known, and less well-known species.

Bee species included are:

  • honey bees, 
  • bumble bees, 
  • mason bees, 
  • leafcutter bees, 
  • mining bees, 
  • carpenter bees, 
  • yellow-face bees, 
  • plasterer bees, 
  • squash bees, 
  • wool carder bees 
  • Wallace’s giant bee!

Where can I purchase Brilliant Bees?

It's available from Amazon.

Other invertebrate-themed puzzle books 

For the budding entomologist, biologist or ecologist - or just 'curious kids' who enjoy learning in a fun way!

Another large puzzle book for 7 -12 year olds, this time in black and white.

It contains lots of fascinating facts about a wide range of bugs, insects and minibeasts: 

  • dragonflies, 
  • various types of ant, 
  • butterflies - especially the Monarch, 
  • moths, 
  • fireflies, 
  • wasps, 
  • dung beetles, 
  • tiger beetles, 
  • stag beetles, 
  • cockroaches
  • spiders, 
  • millipedes, 
  • centipedes, 
  • earthworms, 
  • lacewings, 
  • preying mantis, 
  • stick insects, 
  • lady bugs,  
  • snails, 
  • termites.

Available from Amazon.

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