Books About Pollinators And Pollination

2 Bumble bees and a small fly on yellow helianthus flowersBumble bees on helianthus.

Many of the books I come across are about bees specifically, but bees are obviously not the only pollinators - although their role is critical.

However, diversity is important.  It remains a fact, for example, that some plants are pollinated primarily by wasps, some by moths, others by flies, birds and mammals.

Here is a selection of books about pollinators and pollination, available both from and

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Pollination Power

Attracting Native Pollinators

The Reason For A Flower

Bees In Your Backyard

Honey Bee Democracy

Field Guide To Bees Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland

The Orchard Mason Bee

Solitary Bees

Sting Of The Wild

Bumble Bees Of North America

Bees, Wasps, And Ants

A Sting In The Tale

Field Guide To Bumblebees of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Buzz About Bees: Biology Of A Superorganism

The Lives Of Bees

The Good Bee

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