List Of Bee Species On The UK BAP Priority List

Here is a list of the UK BAP priority UK bee species (BAP – Biodiversity Action Plan) - giving scientific and common names of each species.  This list is correct and up to date at the time of writing (June 2018):

UK Bumble Bee Species (Bombus) On The BAP List

There are 7 Bombus on the BAP list:

Bombus distinguendus - Great Yellow Bumblebee

Bombus humilis - Brown-banded Carder Bee

Bombus muscorum - Moss Carder Bee

Bombus ruderarius - Red-shanked Carder Bee

Bombus ruderatus - Large Garden Bumblebee (also known as Ruderal Bumblebee)

Bombus subterraneus - Short-haired Bumblebee

Bombus sylvarum - Shrill Carder Bee

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UK Solitary Bee Species On The BAP List

There are 13 solitary bee species on the UK BAP list, of different genera:

Andrena ferox - Oak Mining Bee

Andrena tarsata - Tormentil Mining Bee

Anthophora retusa - Potter Flower Bee


Colletes floralis - The Northern Colletes Bee

Colletes halophilus - Sea-aster Colletes bee

Eucera longicornis - Long-horned bee

Lasioglossum angusticeps - Cliff Furrow Bee

Nomada armata - Armed Nomad Bee

Nomada errans - Purbeck Nomad Bee

Osmia inernis - Mountain Mason bee

Osmia parietina - Wall Mason Bee

Osmia uncinata - Pinewood Mason Bee

Osmia xanthomelana - Large Mason Bee (also known as Cliff Mason Bee)

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Further information about other pollinators and invertebrates can be found on the UK government's priority terrestrial invertebrate species list.

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