Bee Pollination Explored

The subject of bee pollination, and pollinators generally, is prominent in headlines across the globe. At this time, many bees and pollinators are experiencing declines, causing concerns about the impact on food production and eco-systems.

The links on this page explore the importance of bees as pollinators of different flowers and plants.

This page considers the monetary value that bees add to the global economy, although in reality, the value and importance of bees on the planet is immeasurable. All the different types of bees pollinate flowers, and here we look at some of them.

honey bees on honey comb Honey bees as pollinators
Honey bees are the most commonly exploited bees for use in commercial pollination of farm crops and fruit trees. This page explores the reasons why.

Bombus terrestris Bumblebee pollination
Bumblebees are well known for flower and plant pollination in our gardens. This page explores some of the reasons why bumblebees are perfectly designed to be excellent pollinators.

Wild Bees - Why Do They Matter?
A look at the importance of wild bees as pollinators.

If bees disappear, can other insects do the pollinating?

If bees decline further, can other insects simply step in to do the job of bees, and pollinate our food crops?

Bees For Sale?
The practice of rearing honey bees and selling them is common practice. But wild bees are now being bred for pollination, and this may seem hypocritical, but it makes me uneasy. Find out why here.

Insect pollination
Discover the important contribution of insect pollination.

Plant pollination
Click here to learn more about the pollination process, as well as the different types of pollination.

Why are our bees vanishing, and how can we help?
Learn about some of the problems facing our bees

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