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Here are links to pages providing lots of information about honey. If you are interested in honey, do bookmark my site as I will continue to add more honey information in the future.

What Is Honey?
A description of honey, explained by scientific formula, and information about the different types of honey.

Why Do Bees Make Honey?
No, honey bees do not make honey for humans to eat. It's actually the winter stores of food for bees.  This page explains more

How Do Bees Make Honey?
It takes a huge amount of effort for honey bees to make honey. This page describes the process and the work of bees.

Honey Facts
Some quick facts about honey.

Honey Vs Sugar
Nutritional comparison of sugar versus honey.

Honey Nutrition
Information about the nutritional content of honey.

How To Buy Honey Ethically
Honey bees are having a hard time. Please try to support positive beekeeping practice. Also, ensure that what you buy, really IS honey!

Substitutes for Honey
There are various substitutes for honey, whether you are looking for a replacement in a recipe, or you're interested in using it as beauty treatment.

Organic Honey
Producing and buying certified organic honey is not an easy business. Find out more here.

Crystallized Honey
Why does honey crystallize, and what can you do about it?

Honey Recipes
A list of recipes, including variations.

Honey Vinegar Diet
Honey and vinegar have been combined to aid weight loss.....but there is a more palatable alternative.....

Calories in Honey
A break down of the calorific value of honey.

Health Benefits Of Honey
From honey and cinnamon cures to apple cider vinegar and honey diets, and honey and vinegar remedies, are there any health benefits of honey, or is it just old wives tales?

Beauty Benefits
A look at some of the claims made and why honey is sometimes added to various beauty treatments.

Honey And Weight Loss
Can honey help you lose weight? Information here.

When and why do beekeepers feed sugar to honey bees?


The Honey And Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Take a look at the science, and the recipe!

Worried about the taste?
Read further

Honey For Hair Masks

Read the recipes

Is Honey Good For You?

Did You Know?

Honey will keep indefinitely in a jar.

Read more facts about honey.

Why might honey crystallize,
and is it still okay to eat it?


Other subjects which may be of interest are as follows:

Why Do Bees Need Nectar And Pollen

Honey Bee Facts
Lots of information about honey bees presented in bite-sized fun snippets.

Bee Garden Basics
Help the bees! Lots of information about how to create or adapt your garden for bees.

Why Honey Bees Matter

Lots of information about bees. Find out about these wonderful pollinators.

How To Start Beekeeping
Thinking of beginning beekeeping? Here is lots of information, including short videos you can watch on-line, and free bee hive plans your can download.

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Is Honey Good For You?

Compare Calories And Carbs in
Honey, Sugar,
Maple Syrup,
& Corn Syrup

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Beauty Benefits Of Honey