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There are lots of books about bees available, including conservation books, identification guides, beekeeping books, books for children, gardening for bees, bee-themed poetry books.  You can get books about bees, pollinators and butterflies generally, personal nature notes, books about honey, and more.

Highlighted below are several of my favourite bee books, but for further detail, see the links below where I have grouped books by type, such as wild bee ecology and identification books, books for children and beekeeping, available from and

Recommended Books From

Recommended Books From

For books about bees related to specific themes, see these links below:

Here you will find links to various books available on Amazon by, including books I have reviewed in depth and interviews with authors.

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Featured Books And Author Interviews

This excellent book gives a very comprehensive overview of the bees of North America and Canada.

It's ideal for anyone who wishes to learn more about bees, their habitats, behaviours, and also provides some of the best guidance to help you identify the different species, that I have seen available.

To read my full review of this brilliant book click here.

Professor Goulson's book is a text book primarily for ecology students, but the summaries of scientific research presented are fairly easy to read.  In my view, this is a book for at least the more serious enthusiast.  Very informative book.  See my in-depth review here.

Meadowland is a very beautiful nature diary written by John Lewis Stempel.  You can read a full review here, and a Q&A with him on this page.

More book reviews as well as Q&As with authors:

Bumblebees of North America

A Disaster in the Making

Q&A with Phil Chandler - The Barefoot Beekeeper

Q&A with Dr David Heaf - The Bee Friendly Beekeeper

Q&A with Dr Henk Tennekes - A Disaster In The Making

Q&A with John Lewis-Stempel - Meadowland

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