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If you are looking for a book about bees, whether it's to help you identify different types of bees, or you want a bumble bee book specifically, or even if you are looking for beekeeping books, books on honey bees, or great bee books for children, take a look at these links below.

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General Bee Books

To find a general book about bees, including bee identification books, general information, ecology and conservation books, click the button left.

Children's Books

Find childrens' story books about bees, and bee books for kindergarten in this section.

Spelling Bees

Take a look at this section for a range of kid's Spelling Bees books.


For beekeeping books, books on honey bees and honey, click here.

If you are wanting to help the bees, or are thinking of beekeeping, you may wish to enhance your environment. Check out these links:


For Wildflower books, including Wildflower identification and how to create a wildflower meadow, check out these books.

Wildlife Gardening

Click here for wildlife gardening books.

Other Pollinators And Pollination

For books about bees and pollination and other pollinators, follow this link.

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