Cartoon Bee Clips

If you are looking for a cartoon bee clip, check out these! However, before you leave this page, do take a look at my Bee Clip Art as well as my Bumble Bee Clip Art too!

On those pages you will find information about how to make your own simple clip art, and below I will explain how to create your very own animated cartoon bee!

If you would like to use any of these, feel free, to use them for leaflets, posters, school projects, or presentations. If you wish to use any of my clipart on your website, I would appreciate a link back to my site. (However, please note that I do not give permission for use of my photographs - if there is an image you wish to use, please contact me via my Contact Me Page).

Little Brown Animated Bee
First of all, here is an image I created myself from scratch, using Powerpoint, Picnik and

I simply built 3 images in Picnik (in actual fact, they were hand drawn using Picnik's tools). The three images were then uploaded to Picasion. I simply chose the speed at which I wanted the bee to jump around, and saved the file, which I then uploaded to my website.

jumping bee cartoon

Animated Brown Bumblebee
I used two images I had previously created (featured on the second link above).

cartoon bee

Cartoon Bumblebee
This bumblebee was created in exactly the same way as the little brown bee above. If you would like to use this image without the animation, go to the page featuring bumblebee clip art - see the link above.

cartoon bumblebee

Non Animated Bees
A simple image created by using powerpoint and Picnik.

yellow cartoon bee clip art

Again, this cartoon bee was created using an image in Picnik, which was then adapted using the tools to create a unique image.

free cartoon bee

More fun items:

Bees Fun Stuff
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Flight Of The Bumblebee
Watch this wonderful video clip, listen to Rimsky-Korsakov wonderful musical masterpiece and download the sheet music.

Lessons From Bees
What lessons can we learn from bees? Take a look here, and watch a wonderful animation clip.

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