Leafcutters in my garden

by Danny Gibson
(Northern Ireland)

Leafcutter Bee On Lavendar

Leafcutter Bee On Lavendar

Leafcutter Bee On Lavendar Leafcutter Bee On Lavendar

I found a leafcutter in my garden this past summer, so I decided to put up a bamboo solitary bee nest and see if I could get them to hang around.

I also got some lavender plants to give a good food source. Not long after putting the nest up on the wall, I had three bees nesting!

Here are some pics of the leafcutters on my lavender. I didn't realise how enjoyable it would be to encourage wild bee nests in my own garden.


Site Owner's comment: Thank you Danny. Lovely photographs, and so glad to hear about your success with the solitary bee house. Bee houses are a great way to encourage solitary bees to nest in the garden. Leafcutters are wonderful to watch too. (For other readers, I have a page about leafcutter bees here).

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