Six Impossible Things About Bees

by Raymond Huber
(Dunedin, New Zealand)

Friendly bee in my hive

Friendly bee in my hive

Six Impossible Things About Bees
I was eight years old, alone in the backyard, when a swarm of bees flew over me. I remained terrified of the stinging terrors until I was given a beehive for my 40th birthday. Now I live happily with 40,000-odd bees in my backyard. And I’ve discovered that there are six impossible things about a honey bee:
it’s super-intelligent;
it talks by dancing;
it has a weapon it can only use once;
it makes healing honey;
it has magnetic crystals inside it;
and it feeds the world.

Truly a creature from Wonderland!

One of the easiest ways for non-beekeepers to support bees is to leave a patch of lawn unmown. This provides shelter for bees, is a habitat for other insects, and saves petrol. It can be attractive too: I mowed my ‘lawn meadow’ into a fish shape.
I love having bees around because they are wild creatures. Sitting at my computer on a plastic chair in a city of concrete, it’s easy to forget I’m part of the natural world. Bees bring a little wilderness up to my window.
Above is my favourite characterful bee photo (taken in my garden by daughter, Sophie).

Site owner's comment: What a wonderful submission, thank you!! Yes, I agree, bees really are amazing! I too allow wildflowers to grow in my lawn, and mow a winding 'path' from our back door to the rockery. It's very attractive, and bees love the clover, self-heal, vetches, dandelions and various other little flowers that pop up. Fantastic photograph. Bees really are beautiful little creatures. Lot's of character in that little bee! Wish I knew how to add a 'captions' section. I can't help wondering what she's thinking!

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