The Web Of Life

I believe in the web of life - that is, I believe that we are all connected in this great creation on Planet Earth. And when I say ‘we’, I mean all of creation, not just humanity. This means that whatever it is, if it’s on the planet, it has a role, however insignificant this role may seem to us, and whether we like it or not, whether we understand it or not.

And I suspect that although we have come a long way since our forefathers, we really don’t understand that much. For one thing, we haven’t even discovered all the species of the earth, let alone understood the value and importance of that which we know about.

So what does this mean?

I think it means we need to be careful not to destroy any more of those precious, delicate strands in the web of life, because goof after goof will mean more holes, until that web becomes irreparable, and we ruin the means to exist for many species. Let’s recognise our ignorance, and give up destroying.

Take sea plankton, for example. It’s a relatively recent discovery that sea plankton, once thought to be of minimal value other than food for ocean life, is also important to humans – actually it is a primary source of the very air we breathe.

Its role in the web of life?  Not only does it support sea life, it supports earth life too.  That’s a huge role for something we have known so little about for all these centuries!

Meanwhile, there are other unsung heroes of this world, such as the bees, butterflies, beetles and so on, pollinating the foods we eat......

But on with the subject....

In some ways, it could be argued we have gone backwards. Well, maybe we have. We seem to have distanced ourselves from nature. When we distance ourselves from nature, I suppose it’s easier to ignore its rights, and instead, to exploit it with no regard for sustainability.


Increasingly, despite the bad news we hear and read so often, I feel encouraged at least by some of the changes I sense in society. I know others will disagree with me when it seems that we learn of so much bad news, not to mention the horrendous (what I call) ‘crimes against the environment, humanity and planet species’. And yes, I’m not encouraged by all of the things I learn of. Some of them I find totally distressing, and depressing.

But lately, I’m beginning to think that all the awful truths must come out into the open, so that we can examine them, then throw out the old ways in favour of new, sustainable ways. Technology has helped us to bring all the bad to light.

We can communicate injustice and crimes against humanity, the environment and its species in the blinking of an eye.

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Those corporations acting in a vile manner, cannot so easily hide. We expose them through a tweet, a blog, a facebook message or an email. Good!

......But the last part of that earlier sentence was key: we need to “throw out the old ways in favour of new, sustainable ways”.

But who must "throw out the old ways”?

I think it’s us – you and me.

We must decide to protect this great planet and the web of life it supports – because it is the vast biodiversity of this beautiful earth that ultimately supports us, not banks, politicians, the economy, big money or business.

At the end of the day, those ambitious politicians who appear to have forgotten who they are meant to serve, (too many of them think they are elected only to represent the 1%: greedy bankers, media crooks, and corporate criminals) - none of them can eat, breathe or exist without the support of our beautiful earth.

.........But don't get me wrong, I'm not against all business - even big businesses, and I'm not against all technology either - it's the impact and the ethics that matter!

A long term view is needed...

But people, even if we have to take a short term view of paying our bills, let’s at least take a long term view of protecting the environment.

I'm not suggesting sackcloth and ashes.....

But do start with your own actions and make any small changes you can. Start planting for bees.

If you care, register your views with those in power.

Create a noise – use your voice!  Here is a simple example - ask your local council to do their bit - forward this page if you want.  It has many practical ideas.

Please don't leave it to just a select few to take the risks.  I know what this is like, because I was one of the few (about 5 of us) speaking out against neonicotinoids and the poor regulatory system, when there was very little awareness of the issue.   I don't even have the backing and legal help of a charity organisation - you can read more here.

I can tell you, it's a strain, and yet this is everyone's problem, not simply the problem of a few.  Fortunately, there is greater awareness of the plight of bees than there was when I started speaking out in 2008.

Tell your leaders you want positive change, not spin, not short term solutions, and not fear-guided action based on pressure from the big profit-driven corporations of this world.

What else can you do? Recycle, grow your own, go organic where you can, save water, spread the message, take whatever steps you can take to make a difference to this beautiful, complex web, in which we all form a strand to create the whole.

Also, think for yourself.  Find out about the truth.  I am sorry to say I have known environmental charities make claims, only to discover they themselves have a vested interest, and the information they are putting out is just wrong.  For this reason, I keep myself independent, I check things out, I dig and delve.  I look to the source of regulations rather than believe anyone's spin.

But anyway....

I came across this beautiful short video via Twitter (I’m @helpthebees). I am grateful to the company Troublemakers TV who produced it, for allowing me to feature it on my website. It is a fantastic illustration of the web of life, and a brilliant creative piece.