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I recommend against using bee houses which are made of metal, plastic or glass.  Use fully natural wooden materials to ensure the  bee house is durable and safe for the bees, and to prevent disease and death caused by excess moisture, condensation, overheating.

Also, I understand that cedar has insect repellent properties.  Whether or not it will repel bees, I'm not sure, but certainly I have seen natural moth balls made of cedar wood.  Personally, I would avoid an insect hotel made from cedar wood.

  • Ideal for mason bees (mason bees are incredibly efficient pollinators, and are not aggressive).
  • Female bees create their nest cells and lay their eggs inside the tunnels, and provision each egg with food (nectar and pollen from flowers) for the young to eat.
  • It has removable inspection trays for easy viewing
  • Constructed from FSC Certified Sustainable Timber

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  • Includes paper tubes matching ideal specifications for the mason bee
  • Replacement cardboard tubes are also available (see below).

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  • 6" length with 5/16" opening
  • Replacing tubes after larvae hatch provides a more sanitary environment for bees year-to-year - parasites can be cleaned out to avoid future problems.
  • Ideal for use with Welliver Outdoors mason bee house

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  • Butterflies naturally use crevices and cracks during the winter, and to take shelter in poor weather.  (Don't expect to see butterflies using this for breeding, or expect to see them flying in and out on a warm, sunny day!  The reason to have a butterfly house is to help them survive poor and winter weather conditions). 
  • Place it in sheltered spot, but in sun, preferably close to flowers upon which they forage, and at a similar height to the surrounding vegetation.

Lacewings might also use this butterfly house - another gardener's friend!

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  • Ladybugs are beneficial insects too!
  • You can use this with an attractant to encourage them to use the tower.
  • Ladybugs eat aphids, so if you want to keep aphids away from your plants or shrubs, site the tower close by!  I definitely recommend siting this around plants that attract aphids generally!

Personally, I love the rustic design, because it will blend in nicely with the surrounding vegetation, and provide  a talking point with others - especially children.

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