How To Build A Great Website

How To Build A Great Website - Even When You are A Complete Beginner!

Before I started to build this site in August 2010, I had no idea how to make a webpage, let alone how to build a great website!

To be fair, I'm still learning, but I'm very pleased with how far I have progressed. I had no prior knowledge of 'html code' (and only know a teensy bit now!), no idea about 'search engine optimisation' or site maps or anything else.

The great thing is, largely, I still know little about these things, and apart from a few basics, I find I don't really need to know about them either.

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Now I want to be upfront and say:

if you like my website and buy an SBI package through my affiliate links, I will receive a commission. This will help to support me in creating this site, and in my awareness campaigning for bees. Otherwise, you can go to them directly.

However, I do think this website building package is brilliant, and so my recommendation is a genuine one! 

For those interested:


My Experience With SBI

I was originally looking for information along the lines of 'how to build a website for beginners' when I came across SBI. 

It took over a year before I decided to take the plunge!

Largely I was concerned about whether it would be a waste of money, or whether I would be able to understand it.

Then I thought 'well, obviously quite a few people manage it, so I'm sure I can'

Eventually, I bought the package. All my fears have disappeared - it was not a waste of cash, and yes, I was able to follow the instructions, from the basics of how to make a webpage, to inserting videos, links, and so on. 

Update:  looking back, in truth there are far more website building packages available that are very simple to use.  Back when I started, there was very little.  In truth, SBI locks you in because you cannot easily switch to another provider, like Wordpress, which has more visual tools and plugins available to build a website that looks beautiful.   

However, I tried WordPress, and what I found was that by the time you pay for additional plugins, hosting, domain name etc, the cost is more than you thought it would be.  Also, unless you purchase a template that has ongoing maintenance and support help, you are on your own if things go wrong.  If you are a beginner and you wish to use Wordpress, then I honestly think it would be a good idea to go for a supported package - and make sure as far as possible that the company is stable.

I tried to help someone with a Word press site who had a lovely template.  But only 6 months of support came with the purchase.  After 2 years, there were things going wrong, such as the top slider not working.  He was not able to update the image on the slider, and I did not have the technical ability to sort it out.  If you do have those abilities, then you'll be fine with it, and WordPress might be more your bag.

How To Build a Great Website That Generates Traffic

SBI shows you how to generate a lot of free traffic to your site. I think this is one of the ways in which SBI adds value for beginners.

Prior to discovering SBI, I thought the way to generate traffic was to buy advertising.

Although I had never built a website, my husband had bought a very cheap package when he purchased a domain name. He received ZERO traffic to his site unless he paid for it. When he stopped paying, no visits!

It's possible to generate huge amounts of traffic and earn money from information websites, even without directly selling hard goods.

But think about it: what do you want from your website?

How To Build a Great Website Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

SBI provides tools to help you select the right name, as well as tools to define your site concept, the keywords that will help you generate traffic and so on.

The back up service is excellent, there is also a forum where you can ask for help, and website tutorial - both in print and video format.

However, if you only want a website for pleasure, for a few pages, or for a light hearted blog, then I'd say: find a free or inexpensive option.  There is no point paying out for a package you simply do not need.

How Much To Build A Website With SBI?

I originally posted a price, but the problem is, the information becomes out of date, so it's best if you check for yourself and see if there are any deals.

Personally I think Solo Build It is best for complete beginners, because it gives you a grounding in subjects such as Search Engine Optimization, and there is a very helpful forum.  You can also contact Solo Build It with any problems.

There are free packages and very low cost options out there, but personally, I think it's disheartening if you put a lot of time into a site, and no-one visits!

The web building package my husband bought was very cheap - and a waste of time.

However, it really depends on your motives. For me, there was never any point in building a site no-one would visit, and I had not even a clue about how to build a site, so Solo Build It has been invaluable.


if you only want to build a few pages, are not sure what you want your website for, or just fancy a blog, then go for the low cost or free option.  I think SBI will not be worth it for a website with just a few pages.

If you are serious about your site, then even if you don't like Solo Build It, then I think it's worth paying for good, secure and reliable hosting, so shop around.

Some people can be put off Solo Build It by the promotional style in which it is presented on the main Solo Build It site. Don't be put off by that. Instead, take your time to look at what it being offered, and browse through some of the case studies, then make up your mind.

Happy website building!

If you want to learn more about how to create a great website, click on the blue SBI button below to go to further information about Solo Build It.

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