How To Build A Great Website

How To Build A Great Website - Even When You are A Complete Beginner!

Before I started to build this site in August 2010, I had no idea how to make a webpage, let alone how to build a great website!

To be fair, I'm still learning, but I'm very pleased with how far I have progressed. I had no prior knowledge of 'html code' (and only know a teensy bit now!), no idea about 'search engine optimisation' or site maps or anything else.

The great thing is, largely, I still know little about these things, and apart from a few basics, I find I don't really need to know about them either.

Now I want to be upfront and say: if you like my website and buy an SBI package through my affiliate links, I will receive a commission. This will help to support me in creating this site, and in my awareness campaigning for bees. Otherwise, you can go to them directly.

However, I do think this website building package is brilliant, and so my recommendation is a genuine one!

Here is an outline of my experience:

I was originally looking for information along the lines of 'how to build a website for beginners' when I came across SBI.

It took over a year before I decided to take the plunge!

Largely I was concerned about whether it would be a waste of money, or whether I would be able to understand it.

Then I thought 'well, obviously quite a few people manage it, so I'm sure I can'. I was especially amazed at how many SBI sites make it into the top 1% of all websites in the world! Find out more here/

(As I write, mine is almost in the top 1 million according to Alexa. It has dipped in and out of the top million - getting into the top 680 thousand at one point - and no doubt, I could get the ranking up if I spent a little more time on my site).

Eventually, I bought the package. All my fears have disappeared - it was not a waste of cash, and yes, I was able to follow the instructions, from the basics of how to make a webpage, to inserting videos, links, and so on.

What I recommend you do with SBI is this: read the (printable) instuctions first, and view the video if you want to. Then, step by step, build each component of your site, with the aid of the simple video guide. I find the written guide very handy to refer back to every now and then.

As I write, my site is still quite new. It was never originally intended to earn vast sums of money - primarily, I wanted to generate traffic to 'get a message' out.

However, my site now generates a small but growing amount of cash from google ads.

How To Build a Great Website.......that generates income

As I said, some people do earn very serious amounts of money with SBI sites. Others earn enough to give up their day job.

Mine is an information site, but you can learn how to build a great website that earns cash through a variety of options:

1. An online shop or business.
2. Generate leads and enquiries for existing businesses.
3. Sell advertising on a purely information-based website.

As I said, many people are able to earn a living from SBI, some as retirement incomes, some give up their day-jobs.

Find out more here/

How To Build a Great Website.......that generates traffic

SBI shows you how to generate a lot of free traffic to your site.

Prior to discovering SBI, I thought the way to generate traffic was to buy advertising.

Although I had never built a website, my husband had bought a very cheap package when he purchased a domain name. He received ZERO traffic to his site unless he paid for it. When he stopped paying, no visits!

It's possible to generate huge amounts of traffic and earn money from information websites, even without directly selling hard goods.

Find out more here/

How To Build a Great Website.......when you are a complete beginner

SBI is genuinely very different. This may sound strange, but unless you have a very specific business idea or established business name, you are first advised not to register your domain name!

SBI provides tools to help you select the right name, as well as tools to define your site concept, the keywords that will help you generate traffic and so on.

The SBI system also takes care of technical stuff, such as submitting site maps and pages to the search engines, so you can get on with building your site.

The back up service is excellent, there is a really helpful forum, and website tutorial - both in print and video format.

How Much To Build A Website With SBI?

If you are looking to build a website that earns income, and generates traffic, you'll find the $299 per year, (or $29.99 per month) very reasonable - which it is.

Anyone who has had to buy ads to get traffic to their sites, knows that $29.99 a month is gone in a flash.

Additionally, it's disheartening if you put a lot of time into a site, and no-one visits!

Of course there are plenty of free web packages out there (and the one my husband bought was very cheap - and a waste of time). It really depends on your motives. For me, there was never any point in building a site no-one would visit, and I had not even a clue about how to build a site, so SBI has been invaluable.

So that's all.

Well, just one last word!

Some people can be put off SBI by the promotional style in which it is presented on the main SBI site. Don't be put off by that. Instead, take your time to look at what it being offered, and browse through some of the case studies, then make up your mind.

Happy website building!

If you want to learn more about how to create a great website, click on this button to go to further information about SBI.

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