Beekeeping Books

If you are new to beekeeping, be sure to look around, and read a range of ideas and theories about beekeeping.  You'll find a variety of different philosophies - don't assume that the way one beekeeper does it, is the way all beekeepers do it!

If you do not wish to support Amazon for books, I can recommend an alternative supplier that offers free worldwide delivery (you just have to change the currency to your own on the website) - Book Depository.  (clicking on the link opens a new window).  The prices are also reasonable.

You can find a range of beekeeping books here.

On this website, you can download a free book about beekeeping according to the Frenchman who wrote about beekeeping in Warre hives - click here (opens a new window).

And here are a couple of Q&A's with Barefoot Beekeeper - Phil Chandler, and the Bee-friendly Beekeeper, Dr David Heaf.

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